Statistical Programming Language R .. The dribbles of a new found awesomeness

Era da un po’ che volevo sperimentare il linguaggio R e questo articolo (in inglese) mi ha decisamente convinto che ne valga la pena…

Shivani Poddar

My research in social computing with an intention to mine u ser personalities found me in entangled in a quagmire of what are the ways to deal best with statist ical data. I did hear of R on numerous occasions, but unfortunately my cur iosity did not decide to get the better of me . I let R be awesome in theor y and concept and never explored it practically . U ntil recently when I decided to test run the glitters of alle ged happiness the language tainted its programmers with. Yes, so far, (and I am not far enough into it) . It is bliss.

I decided to jot down some quick noted for my beginner self and for others who might share my initial skeptical outlook to a programming language as handy as this one.

Ways in which R statistical Programming Language is different from any coding…

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